Image of Liquid Courage Pint Glass

Liquid Courage Pint Glass

$20.00 - Coming soon

Our Liquid Courage Pint Glass for Creativity Fluid has finally dropped and man are we stoked! The Pint comes in a set of two so you can muster up whatever courage you may be looking for with a buddy. So Erase The Fear With A Cider Or Beer and TRY LIQUID COURAGE!!!

TRON’S Drink of Choice – If a Quart of Hard Cider was enough to give troops the liquid courage they needed every morning before battle, well then by gawd it’s good enough for TRON! Preferably Woodchuck but just about any cider will do. Non-Alcoholic Option: Homemade Southern Sweet Tea. Xtra Sugar.

Grease’s Drink of Choice – Anything that’s cold, craft brewed and has I.P.A somewhere in the name!

We already sold out of all the freebies we got bu you can hop on over to www.CreativityFluid.com and get yourself a site right now!

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